SFB 613


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Size 62 x 40 x 50 cm
MSMT 69 x 63 x 79 cm (0.343)
Color Purple, Red & Green
Features Music, Light & Handle
Pack 6 pcs
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Si kancil anak baik, suka mengantar kita jalan.
Apalagi kancil sekarang berwarna – warni,
perjalanan Happy Kids ke mana – mana akan lebih menyenangkan
dengan adanya gagang untuk Happy Parents yang ingin menemani Happy Kids berjalan – jalan.
Mousedeer is a good boy, love to take us on a ride (Taken from Indonesian song).
And now she is here and so colorful.
Which Happy Kids won’t feel the excitement of it when it is now added
with a handle for Happy Parents that want to accompany their Happy Kids on a ride.