RTC 612


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Size 62 x 39 x 35.2 cm
MSMT 73 x 65 x 65 cm (0.308)
Color Red, Blue & Yellow
Features Music, Light & Handle
Pack 6 pcs
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Ayo kita balapan!
Pakai mobil RTC 612 setiap Happy Kids dapat berlomba satu sama lain
menggunakan mobil balap super dengan warna – warna kesukaan mereka.
Ditambah adanya gagang di belakang mobil akan membantu Happy Kids untuk dapat menjaga Happy Kids tetap aman
Let’s race!
With RTC car, every Happy Kids can now compete with each other
using a super race car with their most favourite color.
With handles at their back, will help Happy Parents to keep their Happy Kids safe from behind.